Club Programs

Every quarter, CPSC students can choose from a variety of extracurricular Clubs run by CPSC teachers, staff, and parents.

NEW: Families already registered for After School do not need to pay an additional fee for Clubs on days that they are already registered for After School. However, in order to participate in a Club, After School families still must register the student for that Club. Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions about this new Club system.

NEW: Children NOT registered for After School who register for Clubs will be paying the same as it would cost to attend After School for those days. During the days they are registered for Clubs, they will be fed snack and may stay at After School after 4:30. Please feel free to call or email me if you have questions about this new Club system.

Clubs meet once every full week (8 weeks) throughout each quarter from 3:30 until 4:30.

Snack is provided to all students participating in Clubs.

Regardless of After School attendance, all parents must register their child(ren) in order to attend Clubs.

Payment Information

(rates are per quarter*)

First child Additional child(ren)
5 Clubs per week $480 $450
4 Clubs per week $420 $390
3 Clubs per week $360 $330
2 Clubs per week $240 $210
1 Club per week $130 $100

*Please let Kendra know if you would prefer to make payments per month.

Clubs are 25% off for families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Additional financial aid is available by filling out our Financial Aid Application.

Club payments can be made via PayPal (3% extra for fees) on our Payments tab or by check at the elementary front office.


Parents must register their child(ren) in order to attend clubs. Middle School Clubs (Quarter 4): See the description here and register online.

Elementary School Clubs: There will be no elementary school clubs offered in quarter 4.


On early dismissal days, Clubs meet from 1:45-2:45 p.m.

There are no Clubs on school holidays.

Club teachers are responsible for communicating with families and rescheduling if a Club meeting is cancelled.

Questions about Clubs? Please contact...

Eli Carley: eli [at] or 919-682-1200, Ext. 126
for info about club programming

Kendra Madding: kendra [at] or 530-448-6915
for info about club payments

This page (Clubs) last updated March 14, 2019