How To Apply / Cómo aplicar

Applications still accepted, Apply Here!

The 2019-20 CPSC Lottery Results are Posted! View Here!

Once offered a spot, each family has 1 week to respond to accept or deny the position. After July 1st, each family will only have 2 days to respond. On the first day of school through the 20th day of school, each family will only have 24 hours to respond. No families will be added after the 20th day of school.

You may accept your offered spot(s) via email or phone. We will begin the registration process in mid-April, and will reach out to you with online registration links to make things as easy as possible. Please contact Christina Teach Fountain, our Director of Student Services, at with any questions! Thank you!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

I applied with multiple children. Why do I only see one number? Answer: Each family receives ONE number to represent their family in the lottery. If the primary applicant is offered a spot and the family accepts, all of the remaining siblings will be placed on their respective grade(s) waitlist(s) with the highest priority (Sibling).

Can my waitlist number change? Answer: Yes. As spots become available we will move down the waitlist. It is also possible for siblings to gain priority in a grade that may cause your number to actually increase.

What is my real chance based on my waitlist #? Answer: Historically, the middle school has more movement, but it's impossible to predict any particular grade for any year. We will update the waitlist periodically to keep families informed of their current position. Check our admissions website for updated lists.

Why do multiple families have the same waitlist number? Answer: Some priorities are dependent on the available seats in a given grade, thus there can be two families at #1 on their respective waitlists. As it is impossible to predict who may leave a particular grade, we list each family at their current position on their waitlist.

May I request a particular teacher? Answer: Class placement within a grade level is determined by CPSC staff and administration with an effort to balance classes by gender and diversity. Current and incoming teachers, specialists, and associate directors along with the Director decide on class placement. There are many factors that must be balanced in determining class placement, so requests should not be made for a specific teacher. Families will be notified of class placement before the end of June. Decisions for class placement are final. Thank you for trusting the process.

Key Dates for 2018-19 / Fechas clave para 2018-19

Lottery Details / Detalles de la loteria

There are four priority categories for the lottery:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled students or siblings of CPSC graduates (8th grade)
  2. Children of staff and board members
  3. Children who qualify for the National School Lunch Program (up to 40% of each grade level) — see income guidelines.
  4. Any former student who enrolled at CPSC within the last two academic years but left due to an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the parents.

Twins are entered as one application and will be admitted together if chosen.

Children entering kindergarten must be at least five years old on or before August 31 of the year they start school.

Hay cuatro categorías de prioridad para la lotería:

  1. Hermanos de estudiantes actualmente matriculados o hermanos de graduados de la CPSC (8vo grado)
  2. Hijos del personal y miembros de la junta
  3. Niños que califican para el Programa Nacional de Almuerzos Escolares (hasta el 40% de cada nivel de grado) — ver pautas de ingresos.
  4. Cualquier ex alumno que se inscribió en CPSC en los últimos dos años académicos, pero se retiró debido a un programa de estudios académicos en el extranjero, un programa residencial de admisión competitiva u oportunidades vocacionales de los padres.

Los gemelos se ingresan como una sola solicitud y se admitirán juntos si son seleccionados.

Los niños que ingresan al jardín de infantes deben tener al menos cinco años de edad antes del 31 de agosto del año en que comienzan la escuela.

Lottery Results / Resultados de la loteria

All lottery applicants should receive an email with lottery results on the day of our lottery. If you don't receive your email, check your spam folder! Families who are being offered a space and do not have email will be notified by phone.

During the initial round of offer notifications, families are given one week to accept the space offered.

New CPSC Families

Once your family accepts a spot, you must enroll your child. We begin the process of welcoming your family into our school community with kindergarten screening and social events. Check our Parent Resources section to start learning about being a CPSC parent!

Wait Lists

Applicants who are not offered a space are placed on a wait list in the order they were selected in the lottery.

Applications received after the lottery are placed at the end of the waiting list in the order received.

If a space becomes available, the next family on the waiting list is contacted by telephone and given two days to make a decision. If a space becomes available and you are offered a spot during the first week of school, a response will be required the same day.

Todos los solicitantes de lotería deben recibir un correo electrónico con los resultados de la lotería el día de nuestra lotería. Si no recibe su correo electrónico, ¡revise su carpeta de spam! Las familias a las que se les ofrece un espacio y que no tienen correo electrónico serán notificadas por teléfono.

Durante la ronda inicial de notificaciones de oferta, las familias tienen una semana para aceptar el espacio ofrecido.

Nuevas Familias CPSC

Una vez que tu familia acepte un lugar, debes inscribir a su hijo. Comenzamos el proceso de dando la bienvenida a tu familia en nuestra comunidad escolar con proyecciones de kindergarten y eventos sociales. Mira nuestra Recursos para padres sección para comenzar a aprender acerca de ser un padre de la CPSC!

Listas de espera

Los solicitantes a los que no se les ofrece un espacio se colocan en una lista de espera en el orden en que fueron seleccionados en la lotería.

Las solicitudes recibidas después de la lotería se colocan al final de la lista de espera en el orden recibido.

Si hay un espacio disponible, se contactará a la siguiente familia en la lista de espera por teléfono y se le dará dos días para tomar una decisión. Si hay un espacio disponible y se le ofrece un lugar durante la primera semana de clases, se requerirá una respuesta el mismo día.

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