Items Needed

Items We Need

Immediate Need: Middle School PE Equipment!

Please visit our Middle School PE Equipment Wishlist on Amazon

Please help Libba kick off a great year in Middle School PE by donating one or more of these much needed items including pool noodles, balls, frisbees, hula hoops, parachutes, mesh jerseys, bean bags and more!

Project Work / Maker Supplies:

See our Maker Space Wishlist on Amazon

  • Tools (screw drivers, allen wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches, wire cutters, hammers, exacto knives, hot glue guns, etc.)
  • Hardware (boxed sets of: assorted nails, screws, nuts, bolts - loose parts can be donated to useful junk)
  • LEGO (new or used assorted legos, we especially need base plates) and LEGO Mindstorms
  • K'nex
  • Kapla Blocks
  • Marble Mazes
  • Rubik's Cubes and other puzzles
  • New or Gently Used Games
  • Magnets
  • Duct tape (regular and colored)
  • Electrical tape (black and colored)
  • Glue Sticks - hot glue sticks and "cool" hot glue sticks (small diameter)
  • Sandpaper
  • Beads

General Classroom and Office Supplies:

See our Elementary School General Supplies Wishlist on Amazon

See our Middle School General Supplies Wishlist on Amazon

  • Copy Paper (packaged reams or cases only, no loose paper)
  • Colored Paper
  • White Cardstock
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Post-It Notes
  • Ballpoint pens
  • File folders (manila or colored)
  • Clear page protector sheets
  • Scotch tape
  • Markers
  • Ticonderoga Pencils
  • Pencil cap erasers
  • Block erasers (for pencil)
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue bottles
  • Glue Sticks
  • Sharpie Markers (black & colored, thin and wide)
  • Pens (black, blue, colored)
  • Highlighters
  • Dry erase markers
  • Dry erase erasers
  • Masking Tape (regular and colored)
  • Scissors (child and adult)
  • Watercolor paint boxes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Tempera paints
  • Model Magic
  • Paint brushes

Please bring items to either school's front office and indicate that items are on the school-wide "In-Kind Item Wishlist." Remember to fill out the In-Kind Donation form whenever you make an item donation!


Books can go to either building's library, or to our giving shelf.

Useful Junk

Each of our buildings has a "Useful Junk Junction" where students can find all kinds of stuff for project work. From cardboard to thingamabobs, we need your junk!

What's Useful

  • egg cartons
  • clean plastic containers, including styrofoam meat trays and clear clamshells
  • small wood scraps, including dowels
  • beads, buttons, shiny things, bottle caps, corks
  • paper: scrapbook, colored, cardstock
  • fabric & trim scraps
  • yarn & string
  • boxes of all sizes
  • colorful child-appropriate magazines (we love animal pictures!)
  • newspaper WITHOUT glossy inserts
  • plastic or paper tubes
  • styrofoam blocks
  • foil or plastic wrap
  • heavy wire (dry cleaner hangers)
  • clothespins
  • screws, nails, nuts & bolts

What's NOT So Useful

  • glass
  • toys
  • anything we already have tons of

Donation Reporting

Please use our Item Donation Reporting Form (or this printable form) to document any items you have donated to the school. This helps us know what has been contributed each year and provides documentation necessary for you to report your donations on your federal income tax return.

This page (Items Needed) last updated February 6, 2018