Enrichment & Extras

Arts & Movement

Every week, each class goes to Art, Music and Movement classes. Teachers work together to incorporate curriculum elements into enrichment classes, and integrate arts, music and movement into classroom activities.

In Music, students get an introduction to playing various simple instruments and learn about making music together. Learning to listen to one another is a great skill in music and in the classroom!

In Art, students learn to express themselves through art. They learn skills and techniques in the context of their project work — for example, using papier-mache to create 3-D maps of land forms.

Our Movement classes change each quarter. Classes rotate through Aikido, Yoga, Dance, and Cooperative Games. Besides providing an opportunity for exercise, each of these classes teaches self-discipline, self-awareness, body control and teamwork.

Media & Technology

Every week, each class visits CPSC's library. During their media time they explore topics related to their project theme, learn research skills, and check out books to read.

Tablets and Chromebook laptops are available for student use in classrooms. Older students create presentations and written work, animations and graphics using web applications.


CPSfC Elementary Maker Team

Maker Team is a free after-school science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) club that offers students the chance to complete semester-long projects, such as LEGO stop-motion animation movies, and tinker with mechanics, electricity, and programming in a fun and safe environment. Meets Fridays, biweekly, after school until 5 pm. Visit CPSfcMaker.org.

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