Core Subjects

Our curriculum is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS). In keeping with our educational philosophy, we teach state standards using a Project Based approach. Using this approach, we integrate academic, social-emotional, justice, and equity through authentic real-world application.

We foster a culture of literacy. In all subject areas, students are expected to read with purpose, produce high-quality writing, and communicate effectively with audiences both inside and outside the classroom. Students learn to be thoughtful in making assumptions, accurate when collecting information, insightful when drawing conclusions, and unbiased when supporting statements with evidence.

Project Based Learning

Our teaching is also inspired by the principles and practices of Expeditionary Learning, which promote global knowledge and skills while supporting college and career readiness.

In their expeditions, students carry out case studies, fieldwork and research, while finding service opportunities that provide a real benefit to the community. Students become active historians, activists, and scientists. They challenge and support each other in the production of meaningful, high-quality work. All projects incorporate the ten Expeditionary Learning Design Principles.

We are CREW

We Are CREW, Not Passengers. We start every day by meeting with our crews, which are single-grade groups of twenty students and one teacher. Crew is an Expeditionary Learning structure designed to support students socially, emotionally, and academically. This morning time helps each student know one adult well and build positive connections with their peers and their Crew Leader.

Crew members build relationships with each other and with other crews through initiatives that foster understanding, teamwork, and trust. Academic reflection and goal setting also happens regularly in Crew. Character development occurs in Crew through goal setting, discussion, acknowledgement, and reflection upon CREW Characteristics.

C = Collaboration
R = Responsibility
E = Empathy
W = Wonder

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