Electives & Extras


We offer a diverse and ever-evolving selection of elective classes. Many of them draw on the talents of our dynamic school community. Students attend two electives on Monday and Tuesday, and two different electives on Thursday and Friday.

Students choose new electives each semester. Current and past offerings include...

Wellness and Movement

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2D art, 3D art, graphic design, photography, theatre, improv, playwriting, chorus, strings (violin and cello), creative writing

Foreign Languages

Spanish and French, plus others via online study


Introductory classes in digital art, engineering, coding, Maker, and more.

And more . . .

Storytelling, gardening, and other nontraditional topics


Our electives, like our core classes, are engaging, hands-on, collaborative learning experiences.

two middle school students collaborate on a document


One of the most exciting parts of starting a new school is seeing extracurricular activities come to life based on our students' interests. Our growing array of activities includes:

CPSfC Maker Team

Motivated students lead and participate in long-term maker projects, including 3D printer builds, art robots / mechanisms, and engineering challenges. Meets Fridays, biweekly, after school until 5 pm. Visit CPSfcMaker.org.

Rainbow Unboxed

Rainbow Unboxed is CPSC Middle's Gay Straight Alliance, promoting inclusion of ALL students. Meets Tuesdays at 8:15 am in Erin's classroom. Contact Erin or Katrina.

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