Nuts & Bolts for CPSC Middle



Regular homework designed to provide students with practice and reinforcement can improve student academic performance. Middle school students may receive homework assignments in ELA, math, science, and expeditionary learning. Most assignments will take 15 minutes or less to complete. In addition, students are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.


Measuring student learning is a critical component of a student's progress and educational journey. Our goal is to help middle school students measure their progress against themselves and use it as a means for reflection and a motivated desire for self-improvement.

Middle school staff use a variety of assessment tools to help guide their teaching as well as to provide feedback to students on the progress and quality of their learning. Assessments can include formal and informal assessments, as well as formative (ongoing) and summative (end-of-unit) assessments.

Meeting Student Needs

We are committed to effectively serving all of our students. Our teachers provide differentiated instruction, with extra enrichment and/or extra support for those students who need it.


Home-School Communication

CPSC Middle sends weekly email updates to inform parents about what children are doing in their classes, share announcements, and highlight important dates. To get on the list, email and request Middle School updates.

Quarterly Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences may be scheduled at any time during the year by the parent or the teacher. At the end of each quarter, parents sign up for 15-minute student-led conferences with their child’s CREW teacher. Teachers send the child’s written narrative report to families before conferences to give parents time to read the narrative and prepare any questions. 

Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is a helpful resource with everything from policies to philosophy. Be sure to read our Car Line procedures and Technology Agreement!


The middle school years can be an exciting — yet challenging — developmental period for children. Our school counseling program supports the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students, and supports CPSC families in many ways too. See our Counseling page and the counseling program website for details and contact info.

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