Automatic Bank Draft

After-School and Before-School fees can be automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month. Easy!

Fees are drafted on the 25th of each month before the month of enrollment. (ex. Payment for August will be drafted on July 25th).

Automatic bank draft will remain in force until you tell us to stop it, or withdraw your child from our after/before school programs. No need to renew each month! Just remember to let us know if you move to a new bank or change your number of ASP days.

Online Bill Pay

After-School and Before-School fees can also be paid using Online Bill Pay, which most banks offer. Be sure the payment comes to CPSC with your child's name and the month you're paying for.

Please note that if your bank mails checks, they must go to 724 Foster Street, NOT 121 Hunt Street.


You can use PayPal to pay for before school, after school, camps, and clubs. It's an easy and secure way to pay online.

In the box below, please put your child(ren)'s name and the program for which you are paying.

For example:

  • ASP November Julie & Kyle
  • BSP October Juan
  • Frisbee Club for K'shawn
  • Spring Camp - Mariella

Questions? Please contact...
Kendra Madding: kendra [at] or 530-448-6915
for info about all extended learning program payments

This page (Payments) last updated July 2, 2017