A Berry Special Day for Children...

Strawberry Festival 2014 header


2014 marked the 10th anniversary of the Strawberry Festival, a community event in Durham, NC, that supports Central Park School for Children. That's a decade of chopping berries, painting signs and spearing juicy lemons with spicy peppermint sticks.

These activities and more are all done to the tune of fantastic local artists, only to be slightly drowned out by the shrieking children as they try to dunk their favorite CPSC staff member in the dunking booth.

Proceeds from the Strawberry Festival support project-based learning and integrated arts at CPSC.

Visit us again next spring to learn about the details of the 2015 Strawberry Festival!


Central Park School for Children, a tuition-free public charter school, is committed to nurturing and guiding the natural eagerness of each child to explore, grow, and relate to others. The school is founded on three principles:

  • children are naturally full of life, power and confidence
  • the best available research should guide our methods
  • children develop best in a community where curiosity, challenges, and learning are valued

The school is creating a community of partners to guide, cherish and be amazed by the children.

Thanks to Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville for the great photos!